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    Tuesday, October 06, 2009


    Valuing Strathmore (STM STM.V) and progress on Bayswater (BAY.V) Deal

    As discussed in late August, Bayswater is trying to purchase Pine Tree-Reno Creek and the Wyoming properties from Strathmore Minerals (STM STM.V).

    Bayswater just received a positive pre-feasibility study on the Reno Creek Uranium project. This study is for less than the 10% of Strathmore that BAY is purchasing.

    The NPV of the Reno Creek project is US$164M using an 8% discount rate. Assuming that this is a reasonable average NPV for each remaining 10% of STM, it would value STM at 9x164 = $1,476M USD or $20USD a share.

    I don’t think 8% is the correct discount rate for STM. Using a regression Beta from Reuters you get a cost of capital (it’s all equity) closer to 20%. That would make the NPV closer to $63M for Reno Creek and a total value for STM closer to $7.60 USD per share or $8 CAD. That is slightly higher than my liquidation value for Strathmore of $4-$7 CAD. Last night STM closed at $0.56 CAD.

    Why is STM worth so little as a going concern versus an orderly selloff of their properties? The answer is their cost of capital. An established mining company could bring a much lower cost of capital to the project thereby capturing value closer to $20. Over time, as STM matures, their cost of capital will decrease and they will be able to capture more of the value that is currently discounted away.

    This is yet another support for a valuation of STM in the $4 - $7 (or $8) CAD range today and an eventual value of close to $20, albeit with much higher than market risk.

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